5 Ways To Boost Typing Speed And Accuracy

Excellent listening and typing skills are the two most important factors that determine your success as a transcription writer. When it comes to listening, you need to set up a quiet work environment and wear a good pair of headphones. On the other hand, it takes some practice to improve your typing skills.

Expert transcription writers not only type fast but are also accurate. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take today to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Read the five tips below that will help you grow as a transcription by improving typing speed and accuracy.

1. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Nothing is mastered overnight and you need to practice every day to improve your typing speed and accuracy. There are many websites available on google like typingspeedtest.online, typing test, and How to Type that offer free typing skills tests and practice.An easy way to improve your typing speed is to type a lot. Make it a habit to transcribe two audio files a day to practice. You can find free audio files to copy on YouTube.

Before you start typing, make sure you follow the correct typing techniques. For example, you should type with both hands instead of two fingers, and one thumb needs to be on the space bar at all times. This is the basic principle of fast typing.It takes time to adjust, but you may not have a fairly high typing speed if you are still typing one key at a time. If necessary, take some classes online or at a school where you can learn how to do it from scratch.

2. Be comfortable

It should be said that you work better when you are more comfortable. The same goes for typing. Make sure your body is comfortably located before typing. Sit in a comfortable chair with your back inwards. Rest your wrists while your fingers are on the keyboard. Being in the air increases your speed and is just uncomfortable.Also, keep both feet on the floor and take breaks as needed. If your fingers or hands start to hurt, take a break! Stretching yourself does not get you anywhere, but packing yourself will improve your strength.

3. Don’t look at the keyboard!

Avoid looking at the keyboard to improve your typing speed. This can be difficult at first, especially if you have not yet mastered the exact placement of the key.
However, looking at the keyboard will only slow you down and stop your search to improve your typing speed. If you still want to look at the keyboard to find a specific key, take two online typing practice tests to get acquainted with the keyboard

4. Take online typing speeds tests

Typing Speed ​​Testing is also the easiest and free way to increase WPM and accuracy. Mashable has compiled a list of some great resources online that are all free to use (including games!) Choose one that suits your current situation or academic style and start practicing!When you practice the tests for two days, you will notice a significant improvement in your typing speed.

Use the Typing Speed ​​Practice website to get your fingers used to keyboard layouts and find out where specific keys are. Many typing websites show you how to type with all your fingers.

5. Keep striving for improvement

The worst thing you can do has become complacent. Your typing skills are always good while balancing how fast you type with how well you type. Take regular tests of your speed and set goals for the WPM you want to reach.Once you reach this, set a high goal! Some of the above resources are great for keeping track of this and there is nothing better motivating than this competition. Consider getting some coworkers or friends in it and see who gets there by now.Whatever you decide to do, remember that typing is like any other skill. It requires practice, patience, and time. They are committed to improving and you will get better results.


1.What affects the speed of typing?

Factors such as concentration and stamina affect your ability to maintain your speed throughout. It is like running a marathon vs sprint. Punctuation in the text becomes a hindrance because you have to travel long distances on the keyboard to reach that key. And sometimes it is necessary to use an additional "shift" key.

2.What is good typing speed?

You should aim to increase typing speeds by at least 40 WPM to maintain a standard level of performance in the workspace. Criteria are higher for some businesses. For a job as a personal assistant, you need to type at least 60 words per minute.

3.Why are speed and accuracy important when typing?

When typing, speed, and accuracy are important as it saves a lot of time. For example, if you increase your typing speed from 30 to 60 words per minute (WPM), the time you take to do this will be halved.

4.What are the right keyboarding techniques?

Keep feet on the floor to keep balance (do not cross).
Center body to the "H" key.
Sit up straight.
Adjust the chair so that you are "hand spanned" away from the edge of the keyboard.
Curved fingers on the home keys.
Keep the wrist off a keyboard.
Keep an eye on the printed copy.
Key by touch.

Final Thought

Typing speed and typing accuracy play an important role in achieving success. When applying for a job, being able to type fast and accurately will be of great benefit to you. Employers like to know that their employees can type correctly as this will make them more productive and improve the accuracy of their work. So write your word clearly per minute (WPM) to impress potential employers and you should probably get more opportunities. Follow the five tips above to improve your typing speed and accuracy.